BIF program 2020


One of the main missions of The International Festival for Improvisational Theatre Berlin, IMPRO, has always been to be an artistic torchbearer in the world of improvisational theatre. It would not only bring the best that the impro world could offer at that moment to Berlin, but also challenge the artists to find new ideas, formats and expressions, so that the collective impro brain trust of this globe can keep growing.

A great way to do that is to disperse knowledge - so to not only have artists perform and be great at their craft for the audience, but also learn from their peers and teach others. And not only teach, but also interact informally, show them the »behind the scenes« of making an incredible impro show and let them know about what living the impro life is like. We wish to go beyond just the practice of improvisation and also create space for thinking about impro with adding a layer of theoretical discussion and reflection to the festival.

That’s why some time ago we created the BIF program - a unique plan for improvisers of different experience levels, where you not only learn from the masters through a workshop system, but also get to see the inner workings of how to do great impro facilitated through presentations, discussions and all of the shows of the festival – included in the price of the program! So you can not only learn, but also truly think impro while you’re here.

This year we are going even bigger! For the first time we are presenting three different week-long programs for improvisers of different levels and one excellent weekend course that will take you into the depths of hard topics. All together this means more than 70 hours of workshops with 11 different teachers from 4 continents!

You can choose between three whole week programs (BIF week) or one 4-day program (BIF weekend)

BIF week (March 16 - 22)

Attending the BIF week is a unique experience of soaking up knowledge, experiencing the ins and outs of the international impro world and striking up new friendships with people who are as passionate about the art of improvisational theatre as you are.

Experienced improvisers who are on a somewhat professional path will dive into the topic of the Masterclass workshop The body is a vehicle with one of Colombia’s premium improvisers Daniel Orrantia.

Those, whose impro journey has begun recently, can add a large array of tools to their résumé with six teachers from five different countries. Each instructor of the Six-pack will dip into a topic they feel is the essence of their impro style.

And for those in the middle – a new program, the Intensive, which will this year focus on character work. Kayla Lorette (Canada), Gilly Alfeo (Germany) and Billy Kissa (Greece) have developed a dramatis personae building, interacting and evolving program, which will help you find your individual path to amazing characters.

All programs consist of workshops (17,5 hours Masterclass, 21 hours Intensive and Six-pack), an observation of a rehearsal by the festival’s main cast, a panel discussion about political correctness in arts, a tour of Berlin, a fun soccer match with the cast members and two jams with participants of all the programs during the day. And in the evening – the shows of the festival, included in the price of the registration fee!

After each workshop the participants will receive certification issued by the IMPRO festival of their involvement in the BIF program.

BIF days (March 21 - 24)

If a week full of impro training is just too much for you, you can opt for our BIF days program, but beware – it will be just as intense as the BIF week programs! John Gebretatose, a founding member of one of the hottest impro groups from the United States Blackout improv will introduce you to Hard topics.

The program consists of 11 hours of workshopping with John, a panel discussion perfectly connected to the workshop’s theme, a fun soccer match with festival’s cast members, two jams, the Throne format rehearsal observation and tickets to all the shows!

After the workshop the participants will receive certification issued by the IMPRO festival of their involvement in the BIF program.